My Cigar Box Guitars

What kind of cigar box guitars do I make?

Every instrument I make is a little different. The main difference is going to be if it's acoustic or electric.


Can I make one a little different just for you?

Yes! I get custom orders often. Anything from 1-string up to 12-strings is possible. Acoustic or Electric. If you can imagine a specification, a cigar box guitar can be built with that. You may not break the laws of Physics, but you can try.


Marcy Marxer "Signature" Model
Tune-o-matic Bridge / 60s or 70s era chrome humbucker
See it in action here: Guitar Boogie, Big Strong Muscles (listen to the crowd reaction!) 


AJ Cannon's Mega-Sonic
Matched single coils / Hard tail

Dude! I say I say .... dude! You know that feeling you get when you get a fresh axe for your collection that rocks? I've got that goin' on right now. The thing is solid, looks awesome, and the low action is better than anything else I own. And I haven't even plugged it in yet!" -- A.J. Cannon


John Paul White Owl
150 year old white Oak neck / Civil War era fork tail piece / 1920s White Owl Cigar Box

I have not been able to put it down!" -- J.P. White


How much do they cost?

Prices will vary depending on your specifications. Typical prices are shown below. 

  • 4-string Acoustic = $125 US (plus S&H)
  • 6-string Electric (Mega-sonic or similar) = $250 US (plus S&H)
  • Marcy Marxer 6-string = $350 (plus S&H)
  • JP White Owl 4-string = $400 (plus S&H)