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Before cigar box guitars came along and changed the way I do things, I did some other interesting things with "real" guitars and software. 

Nadaband - the sound of cigar box guitars turned up to 11control FREAK - 2004

This project was the tipping point for me. I was recording experimental tunes regularly and decided to build my own guitar to improve the sound quality and playability.

Control Freak was an initial flop until folks noticed that it had a lot of guitar building secrets on there too. I may release all of that information here next... But first, here are the few audio tracks from the CD...

1. Destroy Puny Human
2. Thunderhead
3. Sulciforme Groove
4. The Effects of Caffeine
5. Ready to Rip
6. Robot Dreams
7. Kawarau Bungy

Nadaband - the sound of cigar box guitars turned up to 11It's Out Of My Hands - 2003

When I decided to start playing and recording my guitar again, through the magic of the internet this project grew from an initially from a joke on the Guitar Techniques forum (thanks Paulo), then a challange to play something (thanks Adrian), then a spin off Guitarist Collective Forum (thanks to all my mates there). After a year, I had enough material to create a CD. 

The reaction to this CD set me on the path for
control FREAK in 2004, and for a lot more experimental composition.

1. One Note
2. Technoshred
3. 1983 (The Eighties Tune)
4. Resolve (Rooty Toot Toot)
5. Seven Major Chords
6. Numbers
7. Beer Day
8. Whale Oil Beef Hooked
9. Holly & Ivy / Deck the Halls
10. Wrong Idea Hoedown
11. Paulos Consensus
12. Vegetarian Planarian
13. (bonus track)

Rusted Shut - 1996

You may recognize Travis Taylor, Rocket City Redneck, as the lead singer. "Pistol" Pete Erbach is in the control room for this recording as well, if memory serves. During our Masters studies, we formed this ensemble with two more left-handed physicists. 

1. Got It Bad
2. Burst and Bled
3. Dee
4. Freckles On Her Butt
5. Lovesick Child
6. Love Ain't Easy
7. Hey Little Girl

FREEWARE: I wrote these a long time ago. Feel free to use them as you see fit. I don't have the source code anymore.

  • ZenGuitar screen saver - Screensaver written for Phil Sudo and Zen Guitar enthusiasts.
  • FretboardDots 2.2a - Fretboard diagramming software for guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass.
  • Fretboard Fret Calculator - Excel based fret position calculator. Just enter your string scale and watch the magic happen.
  • String Space Calculator - Excel based calculator for string spacing at nut for equal space between strings. Enter string spread and string gauge.