The Cigar Box Guitar Museum (the one you can't see). 
Audio / Video - Musical works led to filming the construction of guitars. Video "how to" instruction focused on cigar box guitars led to an interest in their history.  Books - Interest in the history of cigar box guitars led to interviews and years of concentrated study. Interest also led to the acquisition and expansion of the cigar box guitar museum.  Cigar Box Guitar - Build, play, record, write about, etc.  BellyJelly Music - Record label and retail sales channel started in 2003.  Guitar effects that I make.  Guitar Amps that I make.  Links. 

The Cigar Box Guitar Museum (aka TCBGM)

Actually, it may be more accurate to call it my private collection of old cigar box instruments. It's been moved a number of times. Some of the artifacts have been loaned out to other museums. Right now most of the collection is boxed up and waiting... for what?

I first gained ownership of TCBGM just before the publishing of One Man's Trash: A History of the Cigar Box Guitar in 2010. The collection grew and grew over the years and I never could make a permanent home for the collection. Recently, I surrendered ownership of the oldest and more significant examples to Michael Breedlove and Shane Speal. Now I feel like the collection can get out there and be appreciated by many more people.