Cigar Box Banjos

Uncle Enos Banjo ca 1900Cigar Box Banjos in the collection go back as far as the first set of plans published by  Daniel Carter Beard in 1884. The Cigar Box Guitar Museum owns an original text of these plans as they were published in “Christmas Eve with Uncle Enos”. Those same plans would be published again in Daniel Carter Beard’s “American Boys Handy Book.”

In addition to the 1884 plans, a similar set of original plans from 1886 are also a part of the collection.  

Pictured here, a very early cigar box banjo based on these plans is a part of the collection. According to Tony Hyman (of the National Cigar Museum), the box used dates from 1910-1915. Dr. Hyman originally owned this cigar box banjo and sold it to Shane Speal who eventually sold the Cigar Box Guitar Museum to me. Even not knowing exactly who or when the instrument was made, it has quite a provenance just from the recent owners.

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