Human-Centered Design

It may seem an unlikely combination – Nadaband and Human-Centered Design...

Fact of the matter is, Nadaband was an experiment in the use of HCD techniques for discovering what the band (even though we were NOT a band) was capable of doing, and what we wanted to get out of it.

What kind of music did we want to play?

That was one of the first sessions we had. We listed all of our favorite bands and songs, grouped them by affinity, and found a single common influence in Black Sabbath. From that moment on we were destined to become the heaviest cigar box guitar group in existence.

What did we want to actually do as a group?

This was difficult for me. I’ve never really had any semblance of success in a band before. I knew what I wanted to avoid, so I started asking around. What did other people avoid? What did they like? What really makes a person go out to hear something? And at what point are they willing or not willing to pay?

Please, please, don't play Mustang Sally!

The combined results from those interviews were interesting. No more smoky bars, no more late night gigs, no more being the irritant in the restaurant, no more Mustang Sally. Play festivals and benefits. Cool.


John, Kevin and I drew up a concept for what Nadaband was going to be. We each drew up an advertisement, complete with stick figure artwork and all the benefits for what Nadaband was offering. We were all going in different directions, but we did gen up some interesting ideas that I’ve never seen any other group attempt.